segunda-feira, 23 de junho de 2008

Hello People!

Olá a todos!

Some days ago I was having a look to the photos from Porto when someting wonderful happened: I found a folder I haven't seen yet, full of Anna's photos!
It was really nice to see everybody again, and to discover that many small yet beautyfull moments were kept in images...
Then I thought that it would be cool to post these pictures on a blog and to have a way to comunicate more frequentlly (and then maybe we could try to share more things with each other...).
The blog also makes possible to show images from the every day, or just to update how we look like (I don't know why but I'm so curious about the changes that occured to everyone! Specially Anna being pregnant; this must be quite a nice process to witness...)
So, in short form, this blog is an attempt to simulate the contact we had in Porto; the feeling of being together again...
P.S. This is how I look now. The photo was taken on my bedroom last monday at 18:00.

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