quarta-feira, 10 de setembro de 2008

um percurso

I was wondering "how can I describe the last weeks (maybe months) in words?" It's difficult as well to express the differences between NOW and the previous months; after all I'm more or less doing the same things... but the feeling of reality changes a lot from time to time (and from person to person I'm with).
The wakening up from monday to friday is the same, as the way from my house to my job (to put it in line is: the sunny sidewalk with chairs where i wait for the orange bus; the crowded bus, full of half-sleepers; the arrival at the Rebouças Avenue; the walk through Oscar Freire Street; the crossing point in Augusta street; Santo Grão café and finally the granite-steel hall of the building where i work.)

Then starts the waiting of dusk; the time when I come back to life and activity. The way back is usually wonderfull, so that I prefer to go by walking; and it's like to be a lost water particle in the middle of a river. Paulista avenue looks so calm with it's inherent crazyness and hush individuals; in a way is the same as observe an aggitated sea. You see the violence and movement of water, but it's something placid after all.

After 30 minutes of walk I reach the mute and dark part of the way. The Mato Grosso street has some dead office buildings in one sidewalk and the cemitery on the other. There's also a homeless half-crazy old woman who waits sitting on a half-bench in a half-park. I pass by and she don't notices me (so absorbed by her waiting).

Then I reach the block where on fridays happens feira (it''s a wonderfull happening in brazil; they closes a street from the morning till 14 p.m. to sell vegetables, fruits, pastel and sugar cane juice) It's amazing to feel the smells of the people and plants that were there some hours ago; visually there's nothing there but the smell remains clear.

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